Even More Stress Busting Tips

Since writing my previous post about reducing stress, I couldn’t help but think of additional tips to keep your stress level down. There are so many ways to lower anxiety, stay positive, and keep yourself calm.  This is an individualized process though, so every tip is not going to work for every person. You want […]

9 Tips For Reducing Stress Today

Stress can be a dangerous thing. Dealing with high stress on a daily basis can lead to obesity, health issues, skin disorders, and anxiety. There are many ways to deal with stress, in hopes of avoiding these potential health problems. Stress should not be accepted as just a normal part of life. I find that […]

A Review: Vegan Protein Shakes

  I have tried many different brands of protein shakes throughout the years, and since making the decision to live vegan, I have been on the hunt for a tasty vegan protein shake. Below are the reviews for the 4 that I have tried. There are many more brands out there, and so I hope […]

How to Keep Active at Work

  It can be pretty difficult to stay in shape while working a desk job. I am always worried about the long term effects of sitting all day. I have seen my coworkers get pretty creative in order to avoid sitting all day. I try to take as many quick breaks as I can just […]

How I Use Pinterest To Find My Workouts

Pinterest has become wildly popular with people who are searching for recipes, DIY projects, and fashion inspiration,  But it’s also a great tool for planning and executing your workouts. It’s easy to get sucked into the fitspo images that are everywhere, but do your best to avoid them. Many of these pictures offer very little […]