Nine Ways to Save on Utilities

There are so many ways to save on your utilities at home, cheap and expensive options included. The little things add up, and so it is important not to pass by the small ways to improve your home’s performance. Depending on what strategies you choose, it can be a bit expensive up front, but the […]

13 Habits of Frugal People

  It can be tempting to give in to spur of the moment sales, or peer pressure to buy what is on trend for the season, but splurging too many times can become a lifestyle that leads to overspending and debt. Being frugal is an important piece of financial stability  and long term savings. I […]

Even More Stress Busting Tips

Since writing my previous post about reducing stress, I couldn’t help but think of additional tips to keep your stress level down. There are so many ways to lower anxiety, stay positive, and keep yourself calm.  This is an individualized process though, so every tip is not going to work for every person. You want […]

9 Tips For Reducing Stress Today

Stress can be a dangerous thing. Dealing with high stress on a daily basis can lead to obesity, health issues, skin disorders, and anxiety. There are many ways to deal with stress, in hopes of avoiding these potential health problems. Stress should not be accepted as just a normal part of life. I find that […]

Save Money By Ditching Cable

  There are so many ways to save money by changing certain habits and ditching things you don’t need. One way to save a ton of money is by ditching cable and satellite tv, and instead just install an RCA Outdoor Digital Antenna. You can find an outdoor antenna through Amazon, or check your local home […]

A Review: Vegan Protein Shakes

  I have tried many different brands of protein shakes throughout the years, and since making the decision to live vegan, I have been on the hunt for a tasty vegan protein shake. Below are the reviews for the 4 that I have tried. There are many more brands out there, and so I hope […]

Benson is Almost 8 Years Old!

I can’t believe how fast time flies! Our little Benson is about to turn 8 years old later this month, which according to the vet makes him a senior. I have grown so attached to our little guy; he really is our fur-kid. I thought I would take a moment to look back on his […]