Why Silence is Golden

Silence can be so lovely, peaceful, and relaxing. It’s a shame that many people feel awkward when there is silence; they feel the need to fill the void by talking or other noise. Maybe that’s why we are all so tied to our phones, iPads, Televisions etc. We feel a need to fill in the […]

Embracing My Introverted Quirks

    Please Don’t Comment on How Quiet I Am! I can’t even tell you how many times i have been in group situations and someone always has to comment on “how quiet I am” or ask “why are you so quiet?” or of course the dreaded labeling of “the quiet one”.  Luckily this happens […]

Growing Up Introverted

Growing Pains of Being Introverted Growing up introverted and shy was pretty difficult, it felt like the world was made for extroverts. I was the typical shy student who wouldn’t talk in class, tried to sit near the middle of the room to avoid sticking out, and hated meeting strangers. I definitely avoided speaking in […]

6 Tips for Finding Work/Life Balance

Why is Work/Life Balance So Difficult to Find? In general, Work/Life balance is a great idea to work toward, but the important thing to remember is that work/life balance can mean different things to different people.  There is no need to place unnecessary pressure on yourself to achieve society’s ideal of work/life balance, but instead […]

When Do I Set Boundaries?

When Do I Set Boundaries and When Do I Embrace Opportunities? “No, i can’t go out tonight, I already have plans to stay home”.  This is what I wish I could say every time someone sends me an invite, but i don’t technically have plans. I find it funny how many articles are out there […]