An Easy Cafe Cubano Recipe


My Introduction to Cafe Cubanos:

I was first introduced to these little magical cafecitos during a work trip to Miami over the summer. I spent two weeks in Miami, and everyday my coworkers would brew up a batch of espresso to share with everyone. It was so little, frothy, and delicious! If you haven’t read it yet, check out my post about my love of cuban espresso and Miami.

I found a cheap little stovetop espresso maker as well as cuban espresso, while I was down there. The good news is that it is super easy to find cuban espresso at pretty much any grocery store, and you can order a cheap espresso maker from Amazon. When I returned home, I set out to learn how to make a cafe cubano. Luckily, there are many Youtube tutorials on this subject.

After watching several videos, I gave it a try. The first attempt wasn’t ideal, I added too much espresso to my sugar and it became too watery.  The second attempt was a little better, and now I am pretty comfortable making it just the way I like it.



How To Make A Cafe Cubano

You only need five things to make a cafe cubano: espresso, sugar, a spoon, an espresso maker, and a small cup. The recipe is for a small 6 cup espresso maker, so you may need to change the amount of sugar depending on how much or how little espresso you are making. I use organic cane sugar typically, but have also used coconut sugar and it works great either way. 


Here are the steps:

1) Place 3 Tbsp sugar in a small cup or container.

2) Start brewing your espresso.

3) Once the espresso starts to trickle out, pour the first few drops into the sugar.

4) While the espresso continues to brew, briskly stir the sugar and espresso mixture until it forms a creamy paste.


5) Pour the rest of the espresso into the sugar mixture and stir.

6) Pour the frothy espresso mixture into 2 small cups and enjoy!



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4 thoughts on “An Easy Cafe Cubano Recipe

  1. So that’s how they make those delicious cups of cafe cubano! I love to travel and have enjoyed the way coffee and espresso is prepared in many different countries but never really knew how to prep–so thank you for sharing this recipe with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing!

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